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Always Have an Updated Business Card

An acquaintance who asks for your business card is paying you a professional compliment. Don’t blow the opportunity. Always have a card handy, and follow these tips:

Set a goal. You’ll be less likely to forget your cards if you have a plan for using them strategically. For instance, you might set a goal of giving out five to 10 cards every day.

Invest in a good design. Make sure your cards look professional and attractive so you’ll enjoy handing them out. This will also serve as a motivation to keep your cards with you.

Practice your presentation. How are you going to introduce yourself and offer your card? How are you going to make a positive impression?

Keep your cards neat. Buy a nice business card case instead of jamming cards into your pocket or wallet where they’ll get bent.

Keep business cards everywhere. Store them in your glove compartment, in your gym bag, in your desk drawer, in your coat pocket, and in your briefcase so you never have to admit, “I don’t have one with me right now.”

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