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Start a Solid Working Relationship with New Boss

Managers come and go, and your ability to adapt to a new manager’s style and expectations can be the key to your own advancement. Don’t just keep your head down and hope for the best—take an active role in the transition. Here’s how to forge a strong relationship with your new supervisor:

Talk with your current manager. If possible, meet with your manager before he or she moves on to find out as much as you can about the next supervisor. Any information you can get ahead of time will help you from the start.

Keep an open mind. Your new boss will have his or her own ideas. Don’t resist change, as long as it supports your organization’s goals. Be willing to listen and adapt your style to the manager’s needs.

Find out what the manager wants. As you get to know your new boss, work on identifying his or her goals. Find out how he or she defines and measures success. You need to know what to deliver if you want to stay on his or her good side.

Ask questions. Communication is key. Don’t pester the new boss while he or she is learning how things work, but ask questions that help you identify priorities. You need to thoroughly understand your manager’s expectations and requirements. And the right questions can clue your new manager into what you need in order to do your best work.

Do your job. The best way to get on your new boss’s good side is to deliver results. Concentrate on doing the best job possible. You’ll impress your manager and gain a reputation for being willing to do whatever is necessary to help the organization succeed.

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